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Mon, Sep. 12th, 2005, 06:02 pm
achillies: RULES!

hey guys, its Andrew. Chris and I decided to make an overheard in minneapolis because we started hearing things that we thought was funny. the thing is, we want to hear more funny stuff too, and we only have four ears. if you hear something funny that is said in minnesota (preferable minneapolis) tell us! please note: IMPROV A GO GO ZINGS DO NOT COUNT.

rules are simple:

1. keep it anonymous. if you hear something, even if you know the people's names, dont use them. the one exception is if the names are said in the quote, then you may. use labels such as "man" "guy" "woman" "girl" "kid" "student" "businessman/woman" ect.

2. in conjunction with NO improv a go go quotes, if you hear someone tell a joke, and the quote is only funny because its a joke, dont use it. if the quote has a joke in it, but is funny because of who is saying it, then its fine.

happy posting