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Mon, Sep. 12th, 2005, 06:16 pm
achillies: on the bus!

Kid 1:"...and on the back of the paper, it says where all the soup kitchens are."
Kid 2:"Ooh! There's this really good one on Eat Street!"
Kid 1:"Um... I don't think you're thinking of a soup kitchen..."
Kid 2:"Isn't it a place that sells soup?"
Kid 1:"No."

--on the bus.

As this is the first thing to be posted, there are a few more things to be mentioned. Posts should always have where they were heard. If you know who said these things, dont say who it is, you wouldn't someone doing that to you. Even if you don't care, if you do try to say someone's name, your comment will not be posted. If you are the person you said one of the quotes on this site, think of it this way: you're perhaps brightening someone's day.